I just want to thank you for all the effort you put into my case over the past 7 and ½ years. I probably can’t express sufficiently to you the sense of victory and relief I have felt since this was settled. I feel completely vindicated. I feel like all the things that were put out of balance 20+ years ago have been returned to their proper place.
I also want to thank you and your office staff for handling this whole thing in a dignified manner. These are embarrassing things to talk and write about, and everyone always treated me with a great deal of respect and understanding.
Although I know you have had and will have much bigger cases, I just want you to know that I doubt any other case you win will ever mean more to the plaintiff than this victory means to me. I feel like I’ve been set free. I feel like I have my life back.
Thanks for everything.
Mark Goodman has been my lawyer for over two decades. He has helped me get through several cases with the utmost care and consideration. It doesn’t matter what you need, Mark will always take the time to give his undivided attention. One of the best things I got out of the deal is making a lifetime friend. I’ve sent several friends to Mark and they have all had a great experience with him. He makes you feel like you are his most important client. I highly recommend Mark for outstanding representation.
Attorney Thomas McNamara,
I will never forget what you’ve done for me Tom. If not for you I would have ended it all, no doubt on that. I had nowhere to turn and felt alone, but you’ve made me stronger and showed me that people actually do care about us victims.
I want to thank you so much for the outstanding job you did. I appreciate your professionalism and your dedicated tireless hours on this case. I was afraid and scared as any person in my situation would be. A lot was taken away from me as a young man as far as dignity and self-respect, and up to this date I am still afraid of a lot of things. I want to also thank Ms. Sue for her dedicated work as well. You not only made a big impact in my life but my family as well. I will forever be grateful to you. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.
I want to thank you for all you have done for the past 14 years!!! You pulled me out of some pretty dark places more than once and there is some light at the end of the tunnel for the first time in a very long time.
Thank you.

Hi Attorney McNamara. I just wanted to thank both you and Mark for all of your hard work in planning and setting my case. You’ll never know what it has and does mean to me. I was finally able to buy a new home. This would have never been possible without both of you and we wanted to say thank you!
I have known Mark Goodman for over 30 years and he has always been a voice of reason. He handled two important cases for me and won. I also used his services for the closing of our home 12 years ago along with a few speeding tickets. I can’t say enough about him.
Dear Tom,
Going through my voluminous file and reviewing its contents for disposal, reminded me of an impression I formed of you during our work together on this case. I do not think any attorney could have done a better and more through job of representing his client than you did here. Depositions, discovery, all of the work you did on your client’s behalf, brought you to the point where a settlement could be reached. Your client’s interests were well served by your zeal.
That’s just another reason why it’s such pleasure to work with you. Thought I’d share my thoughts with you.
M. M., Engineer
Dear Thomas,
Even when the cases we had been working on were not of the expectations that we or I thought they were, you didn’t give up on me.
I feel truly blessed that you came into my life at the time you did. The hope you gave me to carry on with my life was and will never be forgotten. You are a truly blessed man for having the heart you do for people.
My life has been truly enriched from the knowledge of you.
Again, there are no words to tell you how grateful I am to you and your staff for putting up with this (at times) wreck of a person.
Please tell your staff, for me, that I was blessed to meet such nice people.
Thank you, Tom, for all you have done for us this year. We will always remember your help & kindness.
Attorney Goodman’s calm confident demeanor coupled with his knowledge, expertise and years of experience served to put me totally at ease in dealing with what otherwise would have been a very stressful situation. After speaking with him for only five minutes, I had no doubt that he was the person I wanted to represent me.

Christmas will always be special for me.
Thanks for believing in me! This is a little something for you. You watched over me and now I’m leaving with someone to watch over you.
Thank you.

A reckless driver left me injured and without a vehicle when my daughter was less than a year old. Tom ALWAYS answered his emails and his phone when I called. Tom and Sue and always made time to make sure we understood what was happening through the lengthy litigation. I can’t imagine how we would of navigated this process without someone like Tom in our corner. He truly is a helpful and knowledgeable person.
Dear Tom,
Thank you so much for all of your help throughout this process. At times you were closer to a mentor than legal counsel, and I greatly appreciate that. I wish you the absolute best in all of your future endeavors.
Dear Tom,
When I first met with Attorney Tom McNamara to discuss a possible lawsuit against the Hartford Archdiocese, we spent about and hour and a half or more discussing the particulars of my situation. I found Tom to be very thorough in the questions he asked and he listened to me with keen interest. Any questions I had for him were answered with great clarity and patience. He led me through the entire legal process in a manner that I could understand. I experienced firsthand how he tirelessly fights for his clients’ rights and how he truly cares about their well-being.

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    McNamara & Goodman, LLP is a general practice law firm located in downtown New Haven at 142 Temple Street. Legal services include all areas of personal injury, including auto and motorcycle accidents, wrongful death, representation of sexual abuse victims, and workers’ compensation.




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