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Attorney Tom McNamara primarily focuses on plaintiffs’ personal injury work and representing victims of sexual abuse, particularly against religious and educational organizations. Attorney Mark Goodman also works on personal injury as well as criminal defense cases.

Our focus includes:

Achieving results our clients deserve


Sexual abuse


Personal injury


Clergy sexual abuse


Wrongful death

Why McNamara & Goodman?

Our firm has been counsel in three precedent-setting cases at the Connecticut Supreme Court since 2015. These successful outcomes stem from our strong belief that our clients were deprived of the justice they deserved and the compassion we felt for their plight.

Attorney McNamara has also handled cases against all three Connecticut Dioceses involving the following priests:

Ivan FergusonThomas SheaPeter G. Mitchell
Daniel McShefferyRaymond PaulGregory Altermatt
Thomas GlynnLouis PaturzoWalter A. Vichas
Felix MaguirePaul HebertWalter Coleman
Stephen FoleyMartin FedericiJames Curry
Lawrence BrettStephen BzydraAdolphe T. Renkiewicz
Charles StubbsEdward MuhaHoward Nash

From our clients

“I want you to know that I doubt any other case you win will ever mean more to the plaintiff than this victory means to me. I feel like I’ve been set free. I feel like I have my life back.”

“Tom always answered his emails and his phone when I called. Tom and Sue always made time to make sure we understood what was happening throughout the lengthy litigation. I can’t imagine how we would have navigated this process without someone like Tom in our corner. He truly is a helpful and knowledgeable person.”

“I probably can’t express sufficiently to you the sense of victory and relief I have felt since this was settled. I feel completely vindicated. I feel like all the things that were put out of balance 20+ years ago have been returned to their proper place.”

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